Kellen Brauer:

Kellen is a college student studying to be in the field of communications as a journalist. He first threw his leg over a dirt bike at age seven and started racing at age 10. After turning 18, he formed his own racing team by the name of KoBra Motorsports and signed close friend Aaron Hemphill to tackle the Amateur Motocross scene. An avid Motocross enthusiast, he follows all aspects of the sport including the virtual world where he covers the MX Simulator Supercross series. He hopes to one day write for a Motocross magazine and has been in contact with an editor from Cycle News for some time. Kellen is your one stop shop for all things Motocross, so feel free to contact him at any time.


KoBra Motorsports:

KoBra Motorsports is an Amateur Motocross team owned by Kellen Brauer. Brauer, 18, races a Honda CRF450 with the number 52 while his teammate Hemphill, races a Honda CRF 230 as a beginner with the number 53. Though the team has had some sponsorship offers, nothing is set in stone and they are currently looking for more support as the team comes together.


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