MXS Houston Race Report

By Kellen Brauer

Site Editor

HOUSTON, TX – The 13th round of the 2012 MotoOption MX Simulator Supercross Series presented by Vurbmoto went down at the home of the Texans in Houston, Texas last night. Unfortunately, the race will probably be known more for the controversy surrounding it than the actual racing itself.

Just to touch on it, an early week incident on the MX Sim forums resulted in one of the most popular riders’ Mikey landing himself a ban from the forums. I won’t go into detail but it caused an explosion of backlash even though Mikey himself understood what he had done and accepted JLV’s penalty.

The No. 68 of Nathan Zaworski amongst others ran Mikey's jersey to represent their fellow 'fallen rider'.

As race time approached yesterday, things were finally settling down and the hype to get out there and go racing had swept over the community. However, more controversy presented itself when the Race Factory crew grabbed UID’s at their normal 6 p.m. Pacific time.

The problem was not made an issue until later but at that time, series points leader Tysen was nowhere to be found and missed getting his UID grabbed. Under the new Race Factory regulations, riders who miss getting there UID’s grabbed will not be allowed to inserted into races later on even if they are top 10 in points.

Tysen eventually made it and later described that his brother had made him late to the race. He originally pleaded to be allowed to race but when it became clear that race director Charles Sweeney wasn’t budging on the issue, Tysen backed down and accepted the situation. Other racers argued practically until the mains about the issue but you can’t argue with the rulebook.

Onto the racing, the Lites main saw a monster holeshot pulled by System Decal’s Tyler Crain followed closely by Prodigy, Mark Zeidler, Yzmxer608, and Peter. Prodigy crashed early on and lost touch with the leaders but still stayed within the top 5.

Crain was quickly challenged by Zeidler and Nathan Zaworski (Yzed) for the lead as the three riders hooked up and battled heavily for several laps. Crain coughed up the lead to Zeidler about five laps in and later fell down through the pack ultimately finishing in 8th.

Zaworski snuck into the lead at one point but made a small mistake after the whoops getting together with Zeidler and hopping over the berm before the finish line. Upon reentering he found himself behind Motosport Honda’s Peter who was putting in his best ride of the year.

Behind them, Evans was riding well in 4th and last week’s winner Robert Nash had worked his way forward and was in the top 5. Peter and Zaworski battled hard while trying to push forward and run down Zeidler in the lead. The gap fluctuated a bit but nothing ever came of it.

The racing was close at the front but it was eventually Mark Zeidler (right) who took the win.

Zeidler cruised across the line to pick up his third win of the season and extend his points lead on Nash. Peter crossed the line in second but the spot was given to Zaworski based on cuts. Evans and Nash rounded out the top five.

In the 450 class, it was two-time defending Supercross Champion Bryan Haskell (Shack) with the Motosport holeshot. He was quickly challenged by Barry Motorsports’ Austin Jones and after some carnage in the lead; it was Kaio Miranda who snuck through to take the lead.

B.Haskell (Shack) got the holeshot again.

MotoOption/RaceTech/Yamaha’s Zach Dupuis (Pinned) took the lead away from Miranda momentarily but crashed and handed it right back. Miranda was then challenged by Dwayne who successfully made the pass and held the lead for quite some time.

Motosport Honda riders Jeremy and Dudu were sneaking up and Dwayne and Jeremy pounced on the lead when Dwayne hit the deck. Dwayne was able to get up in second but was instantly locked in a battle with Dudu.

Hector Assuncao was making his return to the series and running a solid fourth with Race Factory Gaming’s Markham challenging him. Dwayne and Dudu had issues in second and third and Assuncao found himself in second trying to run down Jeremy.

Jones also had worked his way towards the front and was in a back and forth battle with Assuncao for second. The three leaders all had separate issues in the latter stages of the race and Jeremy was able to get away.

Jeremy crossed the line to take home his fourth win of 2012 and close up Tysen massive point’s gap to a still quite large 32 points. Assuncao came across the line in second followed by Jones, Dupuis, and Dwayne in the top five.

Jeremy picked up his fourth win of the year.

With Tysen missing the race this week, that leaves Motosport Honda’s Brina as the only rider to make every main event this year. The series now takes a week off for Easter/Spring break and will resume in two weeks time in New Orleans.

Mark Zeidler can clinch the East Coast Lites Championship with a win in New Orleans. Tysen will look to come back strong and maintain his point’s gap for the remaining four rounds. I hope everyone enjoys their break!

Supercross Lites Results





1 25 FAT – M. Zeidler Third win of 2012.
2 68 yzmxer608 Second podium of 2012. Doing the 125 proud.
3 70 Peter Best finish of 2012.
4 711 Evans Matches his best finish of 2012.
5 31 R.Nash Is now a full race distance behind Zeidler in the points.
6 82 PRODIGY Best finish of 2012.
7 61 McNeil Has finished in the top 10 in every race except one this year.
8 16 T.Crain Loses a few more points to Robert in second.
9 277 Alec Coming off of a podium in Toronto.
10 815 Nicke Had to come through the LCQ.
11 653 Justin653 His first main event since Atlanta.
12 33 PumaXCS Fourth main event this year.
13 345 Ryan345 Also his fourth main of the year.
14 18 A0-warrior First main event of 2012.
15 386 SquirrelyNutz Has made every main since Atlanta.
16 211 Mclaud211 Won his heat race.
17 221 HUGHESYMX First main event of 2012.
18 133 ZtReactzz-133 Also his first main event of 2012.
19 410 PanicRev_Ddavis Now drops out of the top 10 in points.


Supercross Class Results






1 39 Jeremy Fourth win of 2012.
2 30 Assuncao Only his second race of 2012. Finished 7th at Phoenix.
3 2 Jones221 Is now only five points behind Shack for third.
4 19 moy_Pinned Missed the race in Toronto last week.
5 241 Dwayne His first 450 race of 2012.
6 142 Jaden Yuki Tied for fastest qualifier with Tysen.
7 22 Dudu Got taken out by a lapper while in second.
8 55 Markham 10th in Indy, 9th in Toronto, 8th this week…. 7th in New Orleans??
9 12 Brina Is now the only rider to make every main event this year.
10 34 Taylor Fifth top 10 of 2012.
11 14 BallZach<3 Was 11th last week as well.
12 95 Juan Sits only 3 points behind Hegge for 10th.
13 1 moy_shack Lost 2nd in points to Jeremy, and nearly lost 3rd to Jones.
14 23 Kaio Miranda Led the main for a bit.
15 318 Joe First main event of 2012 for the creator of MX Sim Pits.
16 58 B. Standley First main event of 2012.
17 96 [AEO] Carson Fourth main event of 2012.
18 91 Rene First main event of 2012.
19 114 DeRoco Fifth 450 main event for the Lites West rider.
20 10 DJD Did not finish the main event.


Supercross Lites East Points (after 7 of 9 rounds)

  1. M. Zeidler -152
  2. R. Nash- 125
  3. T. Crain- 118
  4. McNeil- 108
  5. Nicke- 100
  6. N. Zaworski- 87
  7. C. Darr- 70
  8. Evans- 67
  9. Alec- 67
  10. Peter- 62

Supercross Class Points (after 13 of 17 rounds)

  1. Tysen- 252
  2. Jeremy- 220
  3. B. Haskell- 204
  4. A. Jones- 199
  5. Brina- 184
  6. Siemenlinko-156
  7. Markham- 137
  8. Z. Dupuis- 133
  9. T. Barry- 131
  10. Hegge- 124

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