Houston Track Analysis

By Kellen Brauer

Site Editor

HOUSTON, TX- We’re back in Texas for the 13th round of the 2012 MX Simulator MotoOption Supercross Series presented by Vurbmoto where the corny puns of the action being hotter than the weather will be circulating through the pits all week.

Overhead view.

Jokes aside, the series is winding down and the interest in Supercross racing is dying down as the anticipation for outdoors is heading through the roof. After this race will be Easter break and it may be just in time to give everyone a small break to get them excited about the remaining races.

As with all track analysis reports, you guys know the deal. I’ll start out with my spiel, followed by some random 250f rider that will be named later in the story and the same to be said for the 450 rider. With Race Factory heading towards a new system of running the races with a few small tweaks, I have changed my online name to K. Brauer. But to all of you who don’t know, I am Osari52 on the forums.

Kellen Brauer’s Lap Analysis

I’ll start off by saying that it’s good to be back in the house where Trey picked up his first win last year. Bummer he won’t be able to defend that honor, in fact it’s becoming a disaster for ratings that so many people are out with injuries. Anyway, that’s for a different post somewhere.

Moving on to the track, a start straight going through one end zone of the stadium has a typical 90 degree flat first turn. A tricky roller followed by a triple leads into a fairly long whoop section. The whoops have been hazardous racing on the servers thus far this week which seems to always be the case with whoops out of the first turn.

A 180 degree bowl turn left leads into a set of three large bumps before scrubbing the triple without any sort of swag. None of this arm or leg hanging off, none of this staring at the camera, just a good ol fashion (not that old though) scrub. After the triple is a small double into a tight 90 degree corner that I double-single out of. Everyone triples it but I’m far too inconsistent with it.

A strange double apex right hander over a hip double leads into the second Supercross triple. Another 180 this time to the right over a small double with a whoop section coming into a 180 left as the final corner before the finish line, look for some action there.

A very small roller leads you over the MotoOption finish line followed by a little ski double. A 90 to the left has another set of three jumps that a lot of people are tripling. I however, only double-single it as it sets me up for the next section better.

I cut tight to the inside after rolling the single and double-triple-quad the rhythm section which is extremely consistent for me. To wrap up the lap, there is a nice ski jump that launches you out across the start straight.

I really like the track this week which is unusual because I hate whoops and there are two pretty good size sets of them. For the first time ever, I’m in the top 20 in Qualifying on Tuesday with a 55.3. I encourage you all to go make sure I don’t make the night show. You have no idea how pumped I would be to be booted. Seriously though, the more the merrier, I believe the best riders in the game should be on the track.

Anyway, that’s that for my analysis, let’s head on over to the 250f analysis where AEO Powersports’ Grizz is going to give some quick analysis on the track.

Lites Lap Analysis

So as said a few lines ago I got in touch with Grizz this week and he took a while to get back to me but that’s ok. So let’s see what he had to say.

“The track is unique with lots of individual obstacles rather than rhythm sections. The whoops after the first turn will most likely not turn out well. On the 250F I am going wide mostly everywhere and trying to triple most jumps. I think the 450 guys will be getting to the 46’s and the 250 guys will probably drop just below the 50’s. So far I am running high 50’s but as I get more practice I am hoping to be around 53,” says Grizz.

Grizz has not set a qualifying time yet but I have faith that it will be a very good time. Moving on to the 450s..

450 Lap Analysis

The opposite of Grizz, DJD got back to me very quickly and had a very in depth analysis of the track. Let’s see what he had to say.

“Track this week is super easy, only one rhythm section and two little whoop sections. Just go over the finish line, double into the first 90, triple over into the second 90, then triple into the rhythm, triple on to the table, and jump off into the inside going into the ski jump thing. You can also jump into the first 90, double-single to the inside of the rhythm and go double, triple, then air it out off the table jumping all the way into the ski jump. The rest of the track is pretty self explanatory, not many options to take. Only alternate line being the entry to the 90 degree corner after the first triple. You can double to the inside, and go 1-2 (2-1). Or double into the berm and triple over. The inside line may be a good spot to get to the inside for a pass. I’m running 50 second laps pretty consistent on a 450, so I’m sure all those server campers will get into the 47’s at some point. I actually like the track, only the second one this year that I enjoy riding, it has nice flow despite its simplicity. Should be fun, you will have to think ahead to set up your passes and there not many obstacles to separate the field,” said DJD.

“Wish JLV would make some real whoops though, not the little sissy ones! (Laughs),” said DJD.

Should be some fun racing this week and I’m looking forward to it. I want to thank DJD and Grizz for getting back to me this week. Also want to thank Race Factory Gaming, MX Sim Pits, and JLV for all of their hard work. Be sure to tune into to Race Factory’s Livestream on Thursday night for all of the action!

The Track in Pictures

The first turn and straight away.

The first couple of sections.

The hip jump into the triple.

The second set of whoops.

The MotoOption finish line.

The other half of the track.


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