MXS Toronto Race Report

By Kellen Brauer

Site Editor

TORONTO, ON- We were north of the border last night as the 12th round of the 2012 MotoOption Supercross Series presented by Vurbmoto was in Toronto. Some carnage throughout the heats and some interesting moments in the LCQ set us up for two thrilling main events.

As the gate dropped on the Lites main event, it was Stormz on a yz125 who snuck through all of the melee in the first turn to grab the holeshot. He was pursued closely and passed early on by Blake.

Stormz snuck around the inside to grab the holeshot on a 125.

Point’s leader Mark Zeidler almost had the holeshot before going down. Towards the end of the first lap he was already in third and challenging for second before crashing in the rhythm section and falling back.

Blake went down while leading as well and Stormz took over the lead again. Early on, it was a freight train of Yamaha’s, as the top 6 was all Yamaha before Zeidler came by in seventh on his Honda.

Further back, it was a rough start of the race for yzmxer608, T.Crain, and C.Sweeney as they sat deep in the field with a tough climb ahead of them. Yzed would eventually finish 7th, Crain in 10th and Sweeney continued to struggle coming home in 19th.

Back to the front, last week’s winner Robert worked his way around Blake who was leading after Stormz started going backwards. About the top 7 riders were freight training in the lead and it was so close you could throw a blanket over them.

Zeidler was sixth and pushing forward and within a few laps had already worked his way into second. Robert was clear by about 12 seconds under five laps to go.

As the race wound down, Zeidler had closed the gap to under five seconds before crashing with two laps to go. Robert cruised to his second win of the season and became the first back to back winner on the tour. Zeidler followed him across the line in second with Alec, McNeil, and D.Davis rounding out the top 5.

Robert is the only rider to win back to back races in the East Coast Lites now.

Zeidler now has an 18 point gap over Robert in second place with only a few rounds left in the series. Tyler Crain fell to third in points after struggling and finishing just inside the top ten.

In the 450 class, it was two-time defending Supercross champion ShackAttack grabbing the Motosport holeshot but was closely pursued by points leader Tysen. The two began battling very quickly within the first few laps while only running a few bike lengths apart.

Shack got the holeshot and battled with Tysen for a bit, ultimately the defending champ came home fifth.

Shack crashed right after the finish on lap 4 and Tysen slid out trying to avoid him. Tysen picked himself up quickly and pulled out into the lead right in front of Motosport Honda’s Juan. Juan hung with Tysen for a couple of laps before the Barry Motorsports’ rider took off with the lead.

There were battles all over the top six for a bit as Juan and Barry Motorsports’ Jones were going at it for second. And only a few seconds back Shack, Jaden Yuki, and Motosport Honda’s Brina were battling for the fourth position.

Race Factory Gaming was having a solid night as well as M.Wheeler and Markham both sat just inside of the top ten. Deroco also worked his way into the battle for fourth while Tysen had clear track and was just leaving everyone in the dust.

Brina and Jones began going at it in third which didn’t last long and Brina began closing in on her teammate Juan very quickly. Juan went down allowing Brina and Jones by. Juan got up in fourth with Shack in fifth.

Tysen started making mistakes near the end of the race and Brina closed the gap drastically. The gap which was once 30+ seconds had closed down to under 11 seconds and the anticipation was building for a possible battle for the lead.

It never happened however as Tysen cruised across the line to win his fourth win of the year extending his points gap out to and almost insurmountable number. Brina came home second followed by Jones, Juan and Shack in the top 5.

Tysen is now a whopping 56 points ahead of Shack in the championship.

The series now moves to Houston next week which is followed by the only week off in the Supercross season. With only five races left, and Tysen with a point’s lead that stretches over two races now, the question is if anyone can catch him? Keep your eyes peeled for all of the updates on the series and we’ll see you in Houston!

Lites Main Event Results





1 31 Robert Second win of 2012.
2 25 Mark Zeidler Fifth consecutive podium this year.
3 277 Alec Came out of the LCQ on a technicality and finished on the podium
4 61 McNeil Was buried as low as 18th at one point.
5 410 PanicRev_Ddavis Won his first heat race of the year.
6 270 Mitchell First main event of 2012.
7 68 yzmxer608 Also buried early on.
8 40 PV <3 Was battling for the lead at one point.
9 815 Nicke Still sits in the top 5 in points.
10 16 T.Crain Had a terrible start of the race.
11 151 juNky Second main event of 2012.
12 378 oldsquid378 First main event of 2012.
13 711 Evans Now top 10 in points.
14 167 Gideon Best finish of 2012.
15 122 James_122 First main event of 2012.
16 294 blake 94mx Led the race early on.
17 71 Stormz Holeshot!!
18 386 SquirrelyNutz Fourth Lites main event of 2012.
19 13 Sweendoggy Was actually relatively calm post race.
20 155 PigeonHands<3 Fastest qualifier.


Supercross Class Main Event Results





1 11 Tysen Fourth win of 2012.
2 12 Brina Won last week, Second place this week.
3 2 Jones221 Was banned from the forums this week.
4 95 Juan Best finish of 2012.
5 1 moy_shack Holeshot!!
6 142 Jaden Yuki Best finish of 2012.
7 114 DeRoco Fourth 450 main event of 2012.
8 39 Jeremy Now falls to third in points.
9 55 Markham Battled with Wheeler the whole race.
10 20 Wheels Battled with Markham the whole race.
11 14 BallZach<3 Second race of 2012.
12 96 [AEO] Carson Third 450 race of 2012.
13 15 Motox161 Fifth race of 2012.
14 47 Frederick Still just outside the top 10 in points.
15 751 Bornhorst Has only missed four races this year.
16 29 yFMX First race of 2012.
17 24 Fjeldberg Came through the LCQ.
18 257 A.Sanders First race of 2012.
19 34 BARRY Won the heat race.
20 140 Dylan140 Second race of the year.


Lites East Points (after 6 of 9 rounds)

  1. Mark Zeidler- 127
  2. Robert- 109
  3. Tyler Crain- 106
  4. McNeil- 94
  5. Nicke- 89
  6. Cody Darr- 70
  7. Yzed- 65
  8. Devin Davis- 58
  9. Alec- 55
  10. Evans- 49

Supercross Class Points (after 12 of 17 rounds)

  1. Tysen- 252
  2. Shack- 196
  3. Jeremy- 195
  4. Jones- 179
  5. Brina- 172
  6. Siemenlinko- 156
  7. Markham-124
  8. Hegge- 124
  9. Taylor- 119
  10. Pinned- 115

I want to thank Race Factory Gaming for all of their hard work and running these races. Also thanks to JLV for this awesome game and all of the fun tracks that he makes.


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