Toronto Track Analysis

By Kellen Brauer

Site Editor

TORONTO, CANADA- For the first and only time of the year, the 2012 MX Simulator Supercross Series presented by Vurbmoto is headed north of the border into the home country of Steve Matthes and Joe Sawler. This one race in Canada is unique because it quietly gives the AMA Supercross series the right to call it an FIM World Championship.

The track in Toronto.

The track in Toronto really is not as out there as we’ve seen in recent years when we head to Toronto. It has an interesting layout but it’s really just your typical Supercross track layout with nothing that really sticks out as different.

As with all of the track analysis segments, we start it off by seeing what I have to say about the track so take it away Osari.

Osari’s Track Analysis

Ah, isn’t it great to virtually be in a different country? Jokes aside, Canada is awesome and the track this week is actually really fun.

So from the finish I hug the inside to roll the little single before getting on the gas to triple on-off, then triple single through the first rhythm section. A 180 bowl turn left leads into a small roller before the first Supercross triple that hucks you pretty good and upon landing there’s another roller into a 180 boll turn to the right.

Click up through the gears headed back down the start straight over a little roller in the middle. An abrupt, flat 90 degree left hander leads into a little offset double single. A quick 180 bowl to the left shoots you over a fun little double into a 90 degree right hander.

In probably the only section of the track I’m doing something different, I cut inside and tire-tap single-double-triple-triple the long rhythm section. Yes everyone I understand tripling in is faster and I would have to agree that it is, but that is also the only thing I can’t do consistently on the track and for me consistency is all I’m really worried about at the moment.

The end of the section is another 180 bowl turn to the right which leads into the whoops which have little ski jumps on both ends of them. I personally launch into the whoops out of the corner but I hear that some riders roll the jump so they can click into third and skim them better.

After the whoops it’s the last 180 this time to the left and it shoots you over a small triple into the second Supercross triple of the lap. Landing off the triple, I cut to the inside of the last left handed 90 and flat track a bit before laying it over the MotoOption finish line.

For the first time since Dallas, I have signed up to race after I was very happy about my riding last night and laid down a 56.9. I highly doubt that will hold up as I feel the bubble spot may be low 54s but I will most likely be spinning some laps late Wednesday night and seeing if I can’t make at least one of these races.

That’s all for my blabbering, let’s move on and see what Mark Zeidler (Phathry) has to say about the track.

Mark Zeidler’s Track Analysis

Since I feel that Phathry’s generosity is letting Tyler Crain pass him for second place five feet from the finish line was so nice, I decided I would give him a little bit more credit by having him fill us in on his lines for the track this week (so that maybe riders won’t get landed on). Kidding! Take it away Phathry.

“You can include that this interview was conducted on the can,” said Zeidler.

“First lane I double on, off, three-one into the corner, or at least that’s what I’m telling you. Baseline triple, can’t scrub it too hard or else you will come up just short enough for it to hurt. Enter the corner at the end of the start stretch as wide as possible to carry speed and go two-one, little double hit and land as far left as possible and power down it to go three-three-three in the next lane. I don’t jump into the whoops. I like to get on top and get a good drive through them. Cut the last corner as tight as you can. My best lap so far is a 50.7,” said Zeidler.

“The track is pretty technical as jlv built some things bigger than usual to discourage big lines in my opinion. But if you jump everything the way he intended, it’s fairly easy. Only tricky section is the three-three-three and if you go inside and roll double the first three you don’t lose much time,” said Zeidler.

Zeidler is the current point’s leader of the Lites East class. He’ll have the target on his back this weekend as a host of hungry riders look to make up points. Zeidler is technically the only repeat winner this year but if it wasn’t for the exclusion of Rica in Daytona, we still would have not yet seen a two time winner. Will we see yet another new face at the top of the podium?

T-Rider’s Track Analysis

It’s been a bummer deal for System Decal owner/manager T-Rider over the past month or so after team rider Siemenlinko up and disappeared after not finishing the main event in St. Louis. T-Rider has not had a 450 rider since then and now he has hopped on the 450 himself to try to salvage some team points this week. So I talked with him and asked if he would give some feedback on what the track is like on a 450. Here’s what he had to say.

“From the finish line we quickly hit a 90 degree left hander and go inside singling out of the corner followed by a small flat straight before quading over the step on table then three-two out of the section. Now a left turn 180 degree berm brings us into a single following the first big triple on the track. We then turn almost 180 degrees to the right going backward down the start straight before we exit to the left just in front of the start gate, double-single the rollers and quickly 180 over a double then dash right 90 degrees. Triple-quad-double is the big boys’ line in the largest of the rhythm sections before turning again 180 degrees to the right and jumping into the whoops section then hitting a single out of the whoops turning 180 degrees to left triple, tripling into a 90 degree left hander to complete a lap of Toronto 2012,” said T-Rider.

T-Rider’s currently fastest lap on the server is a 52.18 which puts him in 7th place but we have not yet seen all of the heavy hitters so we will see where he ends up.

Be sure to head over to Race Factory Gaming’s Livestream on Thursday at 5:30p.m. Pacific to catch all of the pre race activities and all the racing from Toronto live!

Thanks to JLV for another great track this week, and I can’t wait for Thursday!

The Track in Pictures:

The corner after coming down across the start straight.

The whoops.

The first two sections of the track.

A view overlooking the track.

The MotoOption finish line.


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