Inside the Helmet: Indy 450s

By Kellen Brauer

Site Editor

INDIANAPOLIS, IN- As we say goodbye to Indy and head north of the border into Canada, we take one last look on what everyone thought about their race at Lucas Oil Stadium. This is this week’s inside the helmet for the 450 riders.

Larsen- 17th

Kellen Brauer: What was the race like for you?

Larsen: As it was my first time trying to qualify, I didn’t know what to expect. I had a pretty consistent heat race, 8th and was happy to qualify for the main. When the gate dropped in the main I was extremely tired as I’m from Europe. Had a rough main but was exited to make the main in my first ever entry.

KB: What were you struggling with?

Larsen: In the main I was struggling with being tired and having a hard time trying to focus.

KB: Are you happy with your result?

Larsen: Actually not. I was going for at least top 15 – but next time!

KB: What is you strategy for the rest of the season?

Larsen: I just want to have fun and compete in both the rF and EMF series. Make the most points as I can.

Larsen was racing for the first time in 2012 at Indy.

Mansson- 13th

KB: What was the race like for you?

Mansson: It was good, crashed first lap and was almost last and worked myself up too 13th.

KB: What were you struggling with?

Mansson: Nothing really, just tried to stay calm and just work myself up.

KB: Are you happy with your result?

Mansson: Oh yes. Just to be in the main is a win for me.

KB: What is your strategy for the rest of the season?

Mansson: Make the main every time until East start again.

Frederick- 12th

KB: What was the race like for you?

Fred: Not too bad but not good either… Did a handful of crashes on the first lap and started out as almost last… Did even more mistakes fighting myself up through the pack but still ended up 12th.

KB: What were you struggling with?

Fred: I was just struggling with the track overall. Did retarded mistakes everywhere and didn’t get into my flow until the last laps.

KB: Are you happy with your result?

Fred: Since I really hated the track, yes I’m happy with my result.

KB: What is your strategy for the rest of the season?

Fred: Keep riding like I did in Daytona so I get on the podium a bunch more!

Frederick is looking for the magic he had in Daytona.

DJD- 11th

KB: What was the race like for you?

DJD: Best track of the year by far, I was having fun, but I was last after a pile up off the start. I think Brina tapped my elbow and sent me flying.

KB: What were you struggling with?

DJD: I think I washed the front wheel like 20 times I swear. We need to work on the frame geometry on that ol’ two stroke.

KB: Are you happy with your result?

DJD: Don’t really care; just wish I could do 20 laps without falling over.

KB: What is your strategy for the rest of the season?

DJD: Just have fun, ready for outdoors.

Juan- 8th

KB: What was the race like for you?

Juan: The race was good, I had one good start but did a mistake on first lap. So I back on 11th and was I’m on 4th did another mistake. I’m not happy with my 8th.

KB: What were you struggling with?

Juan: Trying to ride consistent. But on last lap I tried to do the best lap of the race and crashed on quad and with it pinned passed me and got 7th.

KB: Are you happy with your result?

Juan: No. Still wanting my top three.

KB: What is your strategy for the rest of the season?

Juan: Ride consistent.

Fjeldberg- 6th

KB: What was the race like for you?

Fjeldberg: Ooo man! I had a great race from 6th place in my heat race, not bad but I did so many stupid mistakes. But I tried to forget that into the main event and that worked. I had a great start 3rd or 4th I think. My key to the race was to stay on two wheels the whole race and I end up 6th in the 450 main. I’m happy with that for sure.

KB: What were you struggling with?

Fjeldberg: As you know it`s much harder for me to ride with those 450 guys, because I’m riding a 250f but as I said I had a good race.

KB: Are you happy with your result?

Fjeldberg: Oh man yes I’m happy to ride with the 450`s make me to an better rider for sure. This is a good training for me.

KB: What is your strategy for the rest of the season?

Fjeldberg: I will try to get some experience in the 450`s going back to the Lites West.
I hope for a top 3 in the west coast.

Jeremy- 5th

KB: What was the race like for you?

Jeremy: Frustrating…I had a third place start and I over jumped the second triple a little bit and made my rider fall off the bike. Also people kept getting in my way and crashing.

KB: What were you struggling with?

Jeremy: Being consistent.

KB: Are you happy with your result?

Jeremy: Not really, I’m happy I was top five but I still keep losing points to Tysen.

KB: What is your strategy for the rest of the season?

Jeremy: Be top three every race and have a good end into the outdoors.

Jeremy continues to lose points to Tysen in the championship.

Tysen- 3rd

KB: What was the race like for you?

Tysen: Down the start straight I had the inside and a good jump but I clipped the tough blocks and drifted into Brina’s back wheel. From then I knew it was going to be a tough race. I had a good charge going and I went to make a pass on # 13 and he cut over on me and I fell of my bike straight back to 13th. I charged back towards the front and for a moment I thought I could take the win, I was flying. I got into a pile up with DJD and a couple of other riders after the finish. It really through me off my rhythm but I just looked forward and got back to a podium position.

KB: What were you struggling with?

Tysen: I could not get around riders. Especially Juan, he made it really hard. You had to wait for a mistake or huck the big quad to get around him, of course I could have taking him out but then he would be out for blood next round (laughs). He was riding awesome.

KB: Are you happy with your result?

Tysen: I would love to be winning but staying on the podium is fine with me.

KB: What is your strategy for the rest of the season?

Tysen: Get those good starts! If I get a good start then the blame is all me if I don’t win. So I usually get at it. Try to look ahead and at the map more. It’s hard to look when you’re focused on putting clean fast laps down but I’m going to start practicing it to avoid downed riders better.

Tysen picked up yet another podium.

Brina- 1st

KB: So an awesome win first off, what does this win mean to you?

Brina: This really means a lot to me. It’s always been a dream of mine to win one of these races since the series first started 2 years ago. I remember watching a demo from the very first Supercross series held on MXS of Shack winning. I watched him do lap after lap without crashing and going so fast. I thought “damn! How does he do that?!” I definitely wanted to be like Shack. Now that I actually beat him and won in a race like this, is absolutely crazy to me. Cause he is still so fast, but it’s shown me how much faster I’ve gotten and how much I’ve improved since then. I really want to thank my team, Motosport Honda. They have really been my motivation this year. Just a year ago near when we started, we were lucky if we made the main. Now we are all able to put in good results like the ones we did last Thursday. I think that’s really cool and we look to continue growing. I also want to thank RaceFactory Gaming. Without them, this series would be nowhere as great as it is now. They have done such a great job in making it the best and most enjoyable series possible. Also gotta thank the “God Almighty” JLV! I absolutely love you and your game!!!

KB: What was going through your mind as the laps were winding down and you were in the lead?

Brina: Well on the first lap I was in second, all that was in my mind was stay on pace with the guy in front of me. At first I thought it was Shack so I really was expecting him to pull a little on me. Then I realized I was actually catching him, which got me pretty excited. A few laps later I found out it was Pinned when he crashed and I went by. I was like holy crap I’m in the lead. I made sure I kept a steady consistent pace for as long as I could. Then a lapper got up in front of me and threw me off my guard and I cased the triple. “There went my chances of winning” I thought as Shack passed me. I got up right behind Jones and again I told myself to stay on pace and I was extremely surprised I was actually even catching Jones by just a little. I saw Shack get taken out by a lapper and next thing I knew I was still in this to win. I just made sure to keep doing consistent laps and sure enough, Jones choked and I was in the lead. I only had about a 3 second lead at first, but when I saw it go to 9 seconds, I knew as long as I didn’t crash I could win. Seeing the 20 second lead just got me confident, but didn’t take any of the nerves away. Each lap felt like a lifetime. With 2 laps to go a lapper pulled out right in front of me. I got extremely frustrated, but I had to keep steady. Once I got out of the sand section, I knew I had the win, and I was so happy.

KB: What is your next goal moving forward now that you have checked off winning a race?

Brina: My next goal is to just hopefully keep up the good results. I’d like to stay on the podium or at least top 5 for the rest of the year and take 5th or better in the point’s series. I’m also looking forward to nationals, where I’m going to shoot for at least 5th in that series as well.

KB: What kind of feedback have you been getting from the community in regards to this win?

Brina: I’ve surprisingly gotten some pretty good feedback. I really appreciate all those who have congratulated me, it means a lot. The only person I’ve gotten negative feedback from was Jones, but JLV took care of that.


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