MXS Indianapolis Race Recap

By Kellen Brauer

Site Editor

INDIANAPOLIS, IN- Round 11 of the 2012 MX Simulator MotoOption Supercross Series presented by Vurbmoto was in Lucas Oil Stadium last night where history was made. Brand new winners in both classes made for some exciting racing down to the finish.

To start off, numerous penalties were handed out following the race in Daytona as the Race Factory guys had their hands full with a conspiracy as well as several corner cuts in turn one. The biggest penalty was the exclusion of rider No.991 Rica from the results of the race in the Lites class handing the win to point’s leader Phathry. You can read about all of the penalties and why they were given out here.

More interesting news coming into Indianapolis was the continued absence of System Decal rider Siemenlinko. After his tough race in St. Louis in which he did not finish, Siemen has not been seen and looks to be out for the remainder of the season.

Moving on to the racing, it was Barry Motorsports’ Cody Darr jumping out to the holeshot but it didn’t last long. Darr crashed and System Decal’s Tyler Crain took the lead, followed by Phathry and AEO Powersports’ Robert.

Often the case this year, The man who gets the holeshot does not go on to win the race. Cody Darr was this weeks holeshot winner.

Some confusion as Wheels and Checkerz still thought it was the warm up for the first few laps of the race and were very close to restarting the race before they realized it was the actual race. No one was at fault just some confusion with running the race.

The top three were quickly locked wheel to wheel with MX Sim Pits’ McNeil on a few seconds behind. Then chaos began to ensue when they started to hit lappers and Robert worked his way around Crain for the lead very carefully and made a clean pass.

The three continued to move through the lappers staying relatively close to each other with Robert inching away a bit. As the last lap started, Robert was cruising but the battle for second was on between Crain and Phathry.

Their lines came together in a big way in the rhythm section after the whoops and Phathry landed on top of Crain. Phathry got up quickly and rode off while Crain fell again trying to stay in front of Phathry.

Up front it was Robert becoming the fourth different winner in five rounds in the East Coast Lites class (would technically be the fifth different winner if Rica wasn’t disqualified). Phathry looked to have second in the bag before he stopped only five feet from the finish allowing Crain to get second. Phathry later said that he did not want to do it that way.

Robert took the win in the Lites class.

The generosity on Phathry’s part lost him two points to Crain in the Championship hunt but still holds a solid lead in the points standings as the series heads into its’ closing stages.

On to the 450s, it was Markham yet again snagging the Motosport holeshot but unfortunately it was the same story as previous weeks when Taylor Barry and Markham got into each other in the second corner.

Similar to St. Louis, Markham's holeshot only helped him lead the race for one corner.

This handed the lead over to MotoOption/RaceTech/Yamaha’s Pinnedtowin who also had the lead early on in Daytona last week. Motosport Honda riders Brina and Fjeldberg, MotoOption/RaceTech/Yamaha’s ShackAttack, and Barry Motorsports’ Jones all sat in the top five and the battling commenced!

Arch rivals Brina and Jones sat in second and third until Pinned started to make a bunch of mistakes handing the lead to Brina. Jones followed closely with defending champ Shack not far behind.

Lappers seemed to wreak havoc on everyone except Brina in the main as just when it looked like Jones was going to make the pass he got collected with a lapped rider. Meanwhile, Jones’ teammate and point’s leader Tysen had worked his way from a terrible start and found himself in seventh.

Brina’s only mistake of the night came around halfway in when she cased a triple and went down. Shack and Jones scooted by and it looked like another battle was set up for the lead until Shack went down handing Jones the lead.

Brina latched on to Jones’ rear wheel just waiting for Jones to make a mistake. And the mistake came when Jones crashed again allowing Brina to retake the lead. Brina, Jones, and Shack were staying right within striking distance of each other for a while until Jones and Shack made some mistakes including a few crashes allowing Brina to stretch out a sizable gap.

Jones and Shack hooked up and began charging together to run down Brina. The aggressive style bit them both and Tysen was able to get right up into the mix for a podium spot. Brina put it on cruise control for the last few laps but Shack was putting in hot laps to catcher her.

In the end, it was the first career win in the 450 class for Brina as well as the first major Supercross victory for a woman in MX Simulator. Shack came up a bit short but still crossed the line second, followed by Tysen, Jones, and Jeremy inside of the top 5.

Brina took home the win in Indy.

Brina was ecstatic post race and even received an unusual gift when MX Sim creator Josh Vanderhoof banned Brina’s nemesis Jones from the forums for a week. It was a very exciting night of racing as Tysen continues to hold on to an enormous points lead.

The series now heads north of the border for the only time of the season into Toronto, Canada for the 12th round of the Championship. Brina now makes it five different winners on the season, can Canada produce the sixth? Here we come Toronto!

Supercross Lites Class Results





1 31 Robert196 Technically the fifth different winner in Lites East this year.
2 16 T.Crain Has been surprising his team owner T-Rider with his speed.
3 25 Mark Zeidler Graciously gave up 2nd place five feet from the finish.
4 711 Evans Best finish of 2012.
5 61 McNeil Trying to recover from missing the third race of the series.
6 815 Nicke Fifth straight top 10 finish.
7 140 Donut First main event of 2012.
8 410 PanicRev_Ddavis Sits just outside the top 10 in points.
9 17 DARR327 Has not been happy with his recent finishes.
10 277 Alec Missed the last two races.
11 247 BTO_gunar247 First main event of 2012.
12 477 JohnWells-477 Been sliding down the finishing order since his podium in St. Louis.
13 33 PumaXCS Best finish of 2012.
14 13 Sweendoggy Missed making the main in Daytona last week.
15 345 Ryan345 Best finish of 2012.
16 351 insignia Moves to 8th in points.
17 386 SquirrelyNutz Third Lites East main event of the year.
18 82 PRODIGY Coming off of a broken elbow.
19 270 BigAsianGuy First main event of 2012.
20 145 E.Mac First main event of 2012.


Supercross Class Results





1 12 Brina First woman to win a major points paying Supercross race.
2 1 moy_shack Now sits only two points behind Jeremy in the championship.
3 11 Tysen Is now almost two full races ahead in the points lead.
4 2 Jones221 Moves past the missing Siemenlinko to 4th in points.
5 39 Jeremy Struggling to close the gap on Tysen.
6 24 Fjeldberg Similar to last week, another 250f rider gets a solid finish.
7 19 moy_Pinned Led early on in the main.
8 95 Juan Sits just outside of the top 10 in points.
9 32 moy_mittocs Fifth main event of the season.
10 55 Markham Holeshot!
11 10 DJD Best finish in the 450 class of 2012.
12 47 Frederick Also sitting just outside the top 10 in points.
13 475 Mansson Second main event of 2012.
14 34 Taylor Sits only two points in front of Pinned in 8th in points.
15 142 Jaden Yuki Fastest qualifier.
16 96 [AEO] Carson Second 450 main event of the year.
17 322 DRT-Larsen First main event of 2012.
18 23 Kaio Miranda May have a shot on the West Coast with the absence of Mikey.
19 140 Dylan140 First 450 main event of 2012.
20 118 BruskMinotaur0 First 450 main event of 2012.


Lites East Points Standings (after 5 of 8 rounds)

  1. Mark Zeidler- 105
  2. Tyler Crain- 94
  3. Robert- 84
  4. Nicke- 78
  5. McNeil- 77
  6. Cody Darr- 70
  7. Yzmxer- 51
  8. Insignia- 43
  9. Peter- 42
  10. Evans- 42

Supercross Class Standings (after 11 of 17 rounds)

  1. Tysen- 227
  2. Jeremy- 182
  3. Shack- 180
  4. Jones- 159
  5. Siemenlinko- 156
  6. Brina- 150
  7. Hegge- 124
  8. Taylor- 117
  9. Pinned- 115
  10. Markham- 112

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