MXS Indy Track Analysis

By Kellen Brauer

Site Editor

INDIANAPOLIS, IN- I’m finally back after taking the weekend off, and I said I was going to get some things done that I never did and for that I apologize but such is life. This week we’re in Indianapolis for the 11th Round of the 2012 MX Simulator MotoOption Supercross Series presented by Vurbmoto.

Photo by Static Designs' Ehm24.

Coming off of Daytona last week, it’s back to the typical Supercross tracks for the rest of the year. Indy does have some unique features to it and some interesting sections that are really separating the field thus far.

Like every week, there will be three different parts to the Analysis from me, a Lites rider, and a 450 rider. So without further ado let’s get started with my analysis.

Osari’s Lap Analysis

The start this week brings you about halfway down the middle of the stadium before diving into a looping 180 degree left turn. A small rhythm section has a tricky little roller coming into the section followed by five singles. I double in off of the roller and then triple single. It sounds like most of the time the fast guys can quad into the corner.

A 180 right hander shoots you over the first Supercross triple of the track into a little ski jump triple-double section. A 90 degree right into a small sand section before floating over the over-under bridge leads into a long flat 180 left hander that can be a real pain if you override it while trying to lay down a fast lap.

Coming out of the corner is the second Supercross triple that seems to be a little bit longer than the first one but is a nice spot to kick the rear end out for the virtual crowd. Another 180 this time to the left is followed by a little double-double or for some a triple-single.

A right hander goes under the over-under bridge then right into the MotoOption finish line double with a small triple into the corner after it. A left handed 180 bowl turn leads into the whoops section this week which isn’t too long but is still a little tricky.

The last 180 to the right leads into a double-triple-triple which apparently it’s pretty easy to triple-five the section. Honestly when people say stuff like that is easy I just want to lower my head and walk away because I’ve tried that line a bunch of times and can’t even triple in. And yes I have worked on my suspension to help it. The last section is a 90 degree left over a roller with a wall double before shooting back out onto the start straight.

My best time this week so far is a 1.05 and that’s with a fall. I’m sure if I tried I could put together one solid lap to get into the 1.02’s but again I don’t know if I really want to race but who knows, maybe this week will be different.

Lites Lap Analysis

For this week’s Lites analysis I did a quick little interview with MX Sim Pits’ McNeil who took home a podium last week in Daytona. Let’s see what he has to say about the track this week.

“From the start I go outside and then I double and depending on if I have the momentum or not I quad at the end of it. Obviously do the triple give it a nice scrubber dub. Three-two into the next corner into the sand, scrub over the bridge jump take the inside in the next corner; go over the triple give and her a nice scrub or maybe a boner air. I double-double, pin it on the inside going underneath the bridge and I whip it over the finish, and triple into the next corner. Second or first gear depending on how squirrely I get in the whoops. Next section I triple and then try to five out and then go over the wall jump and then go back down the straight away,” said McNeil.

“My fastest so far is a 59.1 but I can run consistent 59.8’s. Trying to get down to the 58 mark right now but it doesn’t look too good. Top Lites time will be, I think because Alec right now has a 57.9, I think it will be a 56.8 but again lap times don’t mean much in the mains,” said McNeil.

Phathry is slowly edging away for the championship and riders are going to have to step it up to take it to the crafty veteran.

450 Lap Analysis

For this weeks 450 analysis I talked with Race Factory Gaming’s Markham to see how the track was working out for him. In order to save myself time I’m just going to post the little back and forth we had.

So here it is:

If you don’t listen to that he just basically talked about how he felt the 450 suited the track better than the 250’s and that there were a lot of big lines that the 450s have been doing.

Should be some interesting battling this week with lap times hovering close to about a minute with the fast times being a solid few seconds under a minute. Bring on the race!

The Track in Pictures


Photo by Static Designs' Ehm24.


Photo by Static Designs' Ehm24.


Photo by Static Designs' Ehm24.


Photo by Static Designs' Ehm24.


Photo by Static Designs' Ehm24.


Photo by Static Designs' Ehm24.


Photo by Static Designs' Ehm24.


Photo by Static Designs' Ehm24.


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