MXS Daytona Race Recap

By Kellen Brauer

Site Editor

DAYTONA, FL- The 2012 MX Simulator MotoOption Supercross Series presented by Vurbmoto was at Daytona International Speedway last night for Round 10 of the season. The only race of the year that is not technically in a stadium makes for an entirely different track than everyone is used to.

Long lap times and a rough track saw some surprises up front while some title contenders struggled to come to grips with the track. Also, there was some controversy in the Lites main and another missing title contender in the 450 class.

As the gate dropped in the Lites class it was Limited Decal’s Nicke jumping out and grabbing the holeshot. He quickly made some mistakes and let System Decal’s T. Crain, Phathry, and Rica by and the three began pulling away up front.

Nicke grabbed the holeshot but it didn't last long.

Rica worked his way around Phathry and MX Sim Pits’ McNeil closed in on the battle for second as well. T. Crain made a mistake up front and Rica went to the lead but then they crashed together putting Crain back up front.

Rica fought his way back around Crain and put on the afterburners pulling a large gap very quickly. Crain began struggling, falling into the clutches of Phathry and McNeil allowing them to get by while continuing to lose time.

Further back, yzmxer608 had made it through the LCQ and was battling for a top 10 spot. He and Barry Motorsports’ Cody Darr both had tough nights and eventually finished in 8th and 9th respectively.

Up front, Rica rode calm through the lappers and took his first win of the season in only his first race of the year. Phathry crossed the line in second to maintain his points lead, followed by McNeil, T.Crain, and Nicke rounding out the top 5.

Rica won the Lites main but there is controversy around it.

The controversy was over who exactly Rica is. He’s very new to the game and it’s possible that he just got fast quickly but he had no previous results to show that he may even be competitive. No word on the issue yet but there may be more to come in this case.

Moving on to the 450s, there was a key player missing. System Decal’s Siemenlinko did not finish the main event last week in St. Louis and has been missing since. He did not sign up for Daytona this week and the lap that he turned was not even competitive according to the guys at Race Factory.

I asked System Decal’s Team Manager/Owner T-Rider post race if he knew where Siemenlinko was and his response was “I’m in the same boat as you.” Two weeks ago he was second in points and now after missing Daytona he drops all the way down to fourth.

On to the race, Limited Decal’s Frederick was the first one through the first corner but crashed going over the landing of the finish line and it was MotoOption/RaceTech/Yamaha’s PinnedToWin jumping out to the lead.

Frederick had the holeshot but crashed right away handing the lead to Pinned.

Pinned was passed early on by Barry Motorsports’ Jones but it didn’t last long after Jones went down and fell back to sixth. Behind Pinned was Motosport Honda riders Brina and Dudu, as well as points leader Tysen who quickly found himself in second.

Jones fell in behind his teammate Tysen and the two riders stuck right together for quite a while early on. Jones eventually fell back and Tysen worked on running down Pinned who had opened up a very large gap.

Pinned was riding conservatively and Tysen began closing the gap very quickly with his flashy riding style. With a little over 5 laps to go, Pinned hit the deck and Tysen had the lead for the first time of the night but it was not over yet.

Pinned stayed as close as he could to Tysen as the two riders crashed a few times keeping the gap fairly close. The last lap Tysen had about a ten second lead but crashed hard with two corners to go and Pinned closed right up on his back wheel.

Tysen barely hung on even getting into a lapper over the finish line. Pinned crossed the line less than a second behind Tysen to grab his first podium of the year. Limited Decal’s Frederick was 3rd followed by his teammate Hegge in 4th with Dudu on a 250f rounding out the top 5.

Pinned was less than a second away from taking his first win of the year.

Tysen drastically extended his points lead over Jeremy who finished in 16th. Tysen now unofficially holds a 41 point lead with only seven rounds remaining in the series. Next on the schedule is Indianapolis on March 15th. See you in Indy!

Lites Main Event Results





1 991 Rica Only his first main event of the year and his first win as well.
2 25 phathry25 Extends his points lead over T.Crain.
3 61 McNeil Second time on the podium in 2012.
4 16 T.Crain Falls to 12 points back of Phathry.
5 815 Nicke Holeshot!
6 70 Peter Was dead last on the first lap. Needs better starts.
7 31 Robert196 Word was that he was not going to race but made it in last minute.
8 68 yzmxer608 Struggled in his heat and had to come through the LCQ.
9 17 DARR327 Falls to sixth in the points.
10 477 John-Wells477 The surprise podium last week and a top 10 this week.
11 318 beazt#318 Rode up front early on.
12 351 insignia Is one of only six riders to qualify for every east race this year.
13 386 SquirrelyNutz Best finish in the Lites East class this year.
14 999 SocMonki His 3rd consecutive 14th place finish.
15 711 Evans 3rd main event on the Lites East Coast this year.
16 410 Ddavis 3rd main event on the Lites East Coast this year.
17 718 zach tucker Snuck into the main via the last spot in the LCQ.
18 345 Ryan345 2nd main event on the Lites East Coast this year.
19 294 blake 94mx First main event of the year.
20 211 mclaud211 Second main event this year.


Supercross Class Results





1 11 Tysen 3rd win of the year.
2 19 moy_Pinned First podium of 2012.
3 47 Frederick Also his first podium of 2012.
4 27 Hegge Only one point behind Brina for sixth in the points now.
5 22 Dudu Rode a 250f to a top 5 in the 450 class. Impressive.
6 2 Jones221 Had the lead early on in the race.
7 114 DeRoco Best finish in the 450 class in 2012.
8 1 moy_shack Now moves to third in the points over Siemenlinko.
9 12 Brina 7th top 10 finish of 2012.
10 495 E95K Best finish in the 450 class of 2012.
11 142 Jaden Yuki Best finish of 2012.
12 341 Mxs4crf Second main event of the year.
13 15 Motox161 Fourth main event of the year.
14 20 Wheels Second 450 main event of the year.
15 95 Juan Worst main event finish of the year.
16 39 Jeremy Falls to 41 points behind Tysen.
17 34 BARRY Worst main event finish of the year.
18 751 Bornhorst Seventh main event of the year.
19 133 ZtReactzz-133 First main event of the year.
20 24 Fjeldberg 3rd 450 main of the year.


Lites East Points (After 4 of 8 Rounds)

  1. Phathry- 82
  2. T. Crain- 70
  3. Nicke- 60
  4. McNeil- 58
  5. Robert- 58
  6. Darr- 57
  7. Yzed- 50
  8. Peter- 41
  9. Insignia- 37
  10. Justin- 32

Supercross Class Points (After 10 of 17 Rounds)

  1. Tysen- 207
  2. Jeremy- 166
  3. Shack- 158
  4. Siemenlinko- 156
  5. Jones- 141
  6. Brina- 125
  7. Hegge- 124
  8. Taylor- 110
  9. Pinned- 101
  10. Markham- 101

Thanks everyone for reading and congratulations to Tysen and Rica on the wins. Be sure to head on over to twitter to follow Race Factory Gaming (@rF_gaming) as well as me (@KellenBrauer52) for all of the updates on MX Simulator racing.


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