Hemphill Joins KoBra Motorsports

By KoBra Motorsports

SAN DIEGO, CA- With the unveiling of KoBra Motorsports last week, it was stated that a second rider would accompany team owner Kellen Brauer on his team in 2012. That rider was signed this morning!

Aaron Hemphill, 20, has been in talks with KoBra Motorsports for a few weeks and is now welcomed as the newest member to the team.

Hemphill has just recently recovered from hip surgery in September of 2010 in which his bone was reconstructed and held together with three pins. Until his surgery, Hemphill had been an established distance runner winning a league championship for cross country in high school and also winning the Disneyland Half Marathon for the 14-17 age group in 2009.

Recently, Hemphill has been riding Motocross with steady improvement and notched a podium finish with a second place in the 2011 Barona International.

“Kellen proposed the idea to me that he wanted me to join his team,” said Hemphill. “I gave it a considerable amount of thought to join the team, but I had to first think of what I wanted to do with my life at the moment.”

“My feelings about the team is that I am excited to join it and am hoping we can get more people to back us up on it, like getting more sponsors to help pay the cost,” continued Hemphill. “If other riders get added to the team it could be a hindrance but it could help us too, either way it’s exciting!”

“My goals for 2012 are to continue to improve my riding and also land on the podium as often as I can,” stated Hemphill. “I personally feel that my hip is about 90% healed up and if I take it easy and ride smart, hopefully it will be fully healed in no time.”

With 2012 right around the corner, KoBra Motorsports is now coming together as a whole and the addition of Hemphill is a big step for the team.

“I’m very ecstatic about the future for me and the team and we’ll see what happens [laughs


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